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Samzies-Yo, Head to Toe

by sarah

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Once again, it has been quite a while since I’ve written. Time continues to fly by, and I only have 3 months left now...ahhhsaaaah!

A while back Gabrielle talked about the ‘coupling’ phenomenon here. Gabrielle decided that she wanted to couple (with me, of course!) for her birthday celebrations. It’s mainly something that serious boyfriends and girlfriends do, but we have seen friends in matching shirts or shoes. However, we were still a little unsure of how it would be received. We didn’t want to offend anyone, but we were also really excited about it so we just went for it. We got matching sweatshirts, leggings, headbands with ears, earrings, rings and backpacks.

Surprisingly, we went pretty unnoticed!

The girls next to us only seemed to be annoyed that we were taking pictures, not that we were same-same head to toe!

We were with our other friends who were dressed normal, so if anything, we only got stares for being a group of waygooks! Our original plan was to go to landmarks around Seoul and maybe even do some tandem bike riding; but as luck would have it, it rained for the first time in months! We didn’t let that spoil our coupling adventure though. We looked up the best subway stops and just went to those instead. Jillian was our photographer for the day, so she got some candid shots of us on the subway and just walking around.

When we got to our first stop, it looked as if it were set up for us! There was a balloon archway.

A love swing.

And a little cafe-like area.

Once we explored the rest of the station we found an awesome backdrop for some coupling powerkicks, of course!

And had to do some with the girls as well.

The sign on the wall also happened to say ‘I love you’. How perfect!

Since we hit the jackpot with that subway stop, we decided to just head to our next destination - the photo sticker booth!

Gabrielle first experienced it with Ivan, and warned us that everything is in Korean (obviously) and that the photos are taken ridiculously fast. We tried to plan out some awesome poses before hand, but once it started we got a little overwhelmed and ended up with these:

We do plan to go back for all birthday celebrations though so I’m sure we’ll be pros by the time we leave!

Overall it was a fantastic day of coupling!

Other news: I’ve started getting a little sentimental realizing that I don’t have that much time left with these adorable little creatures, so I’ve gone a little picture crazy. Here are some of my faves.

David used to have the typical, stick-straight Korean hair, and then came in one day with this. He came running up and said “Look teacher, mommy gave me lion hair!” I’m assuming that’s his way of telling me he got a perm!

David also isn’t the smartest one in the bunch, but he does try. We were learning about body parts and they had to cut out and assemble a mouse. David held his up proudly and said “Teacher fiiiiniiiished!!” I didn’t have the heart to tell him he forgot the body!

When we learned about masks I attempted to teach the kids the upside down glasses trick. Some of them got it....

Some of them did not...

Group shots can be tough!

The birthday boy lookin’ fresh!

It must be that time of year....all my second year students are starting to lose their front teeth.

I'm not going to lie, it freaks me out a little bit...especially when they have NO teeth like this little one!

The other weekend one of our military friends was playing in a championship football game on base so we went to watch. I’ve only been on base here one other time, and it was pretty surreal and I felt like I was back in the US, and this time was even crazier! We were snacking on cheez-its, pizza hut and bud light. Only Americans could be seen and heard everywhere you looked, and we were sitting in the stands of the American high school! It felt like we had been transported back to small town America.

We were reminded that we are still in Korea though when all the players bowed to the stands at the end of the game.

And we got a kick out of this poor guy. His dog had the leash in his mouth and the owner was getting very frustrated chasing him around the field.

The girls showing their support.

And with our friend, the champion!

After the game we went back to their dorm-like housing to play beer pong and hang out. It was by far the most American day I’ve had in years!! Gabrielle mentioned how it made her excited to get back to the US, and be around things that are so familiar and comfortable. For the first time in a very, very long time, I was actually thinking the same thing. I definitely haven’t got the travel bug out of my system yet, and can’t wait for all my adventures that are coming up, but it was nice and comforting to be around people that I could relate to so well. There was even another Washingtonian there!

One last side note that Gabrielle refers to as her favorite ‘lost in translation’ thing yet. We were out dancing the other night and had made friends with some of the dancing Koreans. I was tired so I was sitting at a booth by myself while Gabrielle continued to dance with our new friends. A guy came over to talk to me and Gabrielle thought I looked annoyed so she asked one of our new friends to come ‘save me’ from him. This Korean guy then slides up to me with his arms spread out and says “I’M JESUS!”. I was extremely confused and he just said again “I’M JESUS!”. I must have looked equally as confused because he followed that with “I’m Jesus, I’m here to save you!!’ Haha!

That’s all for now, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

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Gabrielle, I am so jealous of your adventures! I saw your sister's name on Facebook and asked about how you are doing. She pointed me to this site. You look wonderful! I wanted to send a picture of my son, Michael. He is a 6'2 freshman in high school. Let me know the best way to send it to you.
Happy Holidays, Gabrielle! Kathy Carlton 

by Kathy Carlton

Sarah! what a fun blog entry! So many good pictures! Awesome!!! I had forgotten you teach the older students. The losing the teeth pictures are a hoot! That is one thing that does not get lost in translation!! Do the Koreans put their teeth under thier pillow? Keep up the good entries Sarah! hugs, Sonya

by Mom Merz

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